Micro structured membranes

By making deep grooves in a macroporous support and covering this support with a perforated nano filtration skin layer (200nm pores) one obtains a membrane with very large surface area. Enhanced membranes: a nanoporous skin combined with a microporous support structure This membrane is capable of collecting highly concentrated debris in solutions without fast clogging. […]

Polymeric microsieves

One of the most remarkable properties in the production process is the possibility to form well-controlled perforations (by counter structures in the mould) that can be used as pores in microsieves or nozzle plates. Using a multi-level mould, besides a thin perforated membrane also a thick supporting structure can be formed in the same run. […]

Corrugated Hollow Fiber

In hollow fiber spinning, a perfect circular spinneret is commonly used. And until now, there was no reason to change this. Today, we have developed a modified spinneret that creates a defined structure at the outside of the fiber or the inside of the fiber (or both). This has resulted in an increase in performance, […]