Polymeric Micro Moulding

Micronext offers fabrication methods for your nano and micro structured product.

Featuring high aspect ratio structures in almost any type of polymer, our phase separation moulding technology might give your idea a bright future.

Phase Separation (micro) moulding (or soft embossing) is a new process developed together with the University of Twente. This technology uses a mixture of a polymer in a solvent/non-solvent system to form a 3D-structure over a mould. This mould, manufactured with silicon micro machining, can have structures well below the 1- µm range with different levels, advantageously for thin film products with need for a rigid support.

Because the new process is a ‘soft method’, structures with a high aspect ratio (height over width) can be released in manufacturing without damaging both the product and the mould.

Choosing the right blend of polymer and solvent/non-solvent, the properties of the final product are endless: dense, open or micro porous combined with a dense or open skin layer. Ideally for structures with nano or micro filtration/separation characteristics. Add ceramic particles to the blend followed by a sintering step in manufacturing, and defect-free micro moulded ceramic products become reality.

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